Derek Povah

Derek Povah

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When I was in elementary school, I built my first website on Yahoo Geocities and man it was the coolest thing ever. I could type words into my computer and relatives across the country could go to the site and read them. I have since moved on to more complicated projects while still working tirelessly to bring the hit counter back.

When I'm not working at my Systems Analyst job or building the next cool web app, you'll find me at the bouldering gym or out in nature somewhere.

Web Projects

American Rabbi Project

Justin Regan is a former public radio reporter turned professional podcaster. He left his comfortable job in Flagstaff, AZ to travel across the country with the goal of interviewing a rabbi in every state. This ambitious project needed a web presence, so I stepped up to the plate.

Bookend Films

Bookend Films is an LA based independent film and video production company dedicated to taking a story-first approach with all of their content.

Their web site is more than a simple CMS. Features include a client portal, complete with milestone tracking and a place for final project delivery. I do sound work for these fine folks on occasion, too.


CRNT.TV grabs the latest live streams from YouTube and pushes them straight to you. Keep browsing until you find something interesting!

Open Source Projects

aeries-api gem

This gem provides an interface to the Aeries SIS API.

I found myself implementing this API in slightly different ways in a number of projects at work and finally decided to extract the functionality into a reusable gem. It does work, but it's my first time building a gem and it's definitely not feature complete, so constructive criticism is definitely welcome.


Use Spotify from the command line.

Climbing Projects

Zoom in and click on the markers for info about the climbs!